What BROKE looks like on a graph.

PSTA is a mess.

We hope the weak financial condition of PSTA is thoroughly vetted and an  important metric in application process.  The Board of Directors recently voted  to begin to spend their capital reserves to finance their current  operations.  

On May 29, 2019, the PSTA CFO projected that by FY2022 all  capital reserves will be spent and an operating deficit of $12 million will  exist.  

Going the Way of the Dinosaurs UNLESS they can get a big contract like this boondoggle passed.

PSTA Board Members slam SPB day after SPB Workshop

Contact SPB Commissioners and continue to tell them to sign Resolution 2019-05 and Reject The Central Avenue BRT. 

County Commission and PSTA Chair Janet Long

Complains about the amount of her valuable time is being wasted on St Pete Beach