2 out of the 3 City Commissions on the BRT route have now rejected in writing!


St Pete Beach City Commission passes Resolution against BRT on June 13th!

St Pete Beach and South Pasadena now stand together against the BRT Project!


Mayor has now signed this resolution rejecting BRT!

Section 2: "Requests the FTA take no further action on PSTA application".

With each passing resolution the BRT future dims!

Ask for A Save Our Streets Yard Sign Here to be delivered!

Set Your sign back 6' from curb if no sidewalk, or on inside of sidewalk nearest your home, or, city may pick up.

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Save Our Streets


Resolution Was Signed June 13th by City Officials!

Keep the pressure on the City not to back down, as they are under Great Pressure to "Get in Line"!

After three months of city meetings as S Pete Beach City Commissioners listened to supporters and opponents of the BRT,  and gave PSTA yet another chance to make their case to St. Pete Beach in another presentation, the issue finally came to a head on June 11th as 150 St Pete Beach residents showed up at City Hall for the" BRT workshop".    Two hours worth of          3- minute public comments of St Pete Beach residents followed.  The opposition among citizens was solid.

The City Commission answered the wishes of the residents they represent, the resolution was signed and has been delivered to PSTA, FDOT and the FTA.

But, the PSTA 15 member Board, led by County Commissioner Janet Long,  publicly ridiculed and insulted the people of St Pete Beach and they want retaliation as you can hear in the video below.  

Four Pinellas County Commissioners sit on this incompetent Board; Janet Long, Charlie Justice, Dave Eggers and Pat Gerard.  (Both Janet Long and Charlie Justice are up for re- election in 2020 and should be held responsible for their indifference to the wishes of the citizens on this major issue.)  You can go here to see who the members of this PSTA Board of Directors are:  https://www.psta.net/about-psta/board-of-directors/ 

Below you can watch the childish behavior of elected officials on PSTA BOD.

MOST IMPORTANT:  SPB Residents must stay on top of the City Commission meetings, agenda items and Commissioners and watch out for undermining of the Resolution by the heavy hand of County Government as you can see in the video.  Tell City Commissioners to stand firm and stand by the Resolution to the letter.

Stand with South Pasadena in saying No BRT in our City!

PSTA Board Members slam SPB day after SPB Workshop

Contact SPB Commissioners and continue to tell them to sign Resolution 2019-05 and Reject The Central Avenue BRT. 

County Commission and PSTA Chair Janet Long

County Commissioner and the Chair of PSTA Janet Long Complains about the amount of her valuable time is being wasted on St Pete Beach.  She is up for re-election in 2020.

Director Pinellas MPO Whit Blanton gets booed by residents!

"This is bigger picture than a small  beach community"?  

Whit Blanton manages to alienate the entire population of St. Pete Beach, the second highest generating city to the Bed Tax in Pinellas, basically telling them their wishes and concerns don't matter.

The Central Avenue BRT Project will destroy our way of life, clog traffic, ruin property values, and business!!     

BRT spb state and federal contact list horizontal (docx)


St Pete Beach - PSTA - BRT Resolution2 (pdf)



In 2018, PSTA tried unsuccessfully to convince St Pete Beach to pay $1.5 MILLION  toward the BRT project.  St Pete Beach said NO!  

Yet PSTA went ahead and deceptively submitted the Federal Grant application listing St Pete Beach as contributing the money.                                                                          They were found out by The Times!



Indianapolis BRT under construction is a warning to Us!